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How To Get Your Startup Web Site Found Online And Not Go Broke

Link BuildingAt the risk of sounding like the Grinch that stole Christmas in the world of Internet search engine optimization (SEO), let me begin by saying that SEO dynamics are not the holy grail of getting your e-commerce web site or blog out in front of the public’s eye.

Certainly there’s a place for it, but our article below covers three simple SEO tips that will help your startup operation get a return of visitors–without you shelling out thousands of dollars to SEO consultants. They are the following:

  • Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Content

Naturally, a great deal more could be added to these SEO bits of advice, but let’s start with the first–optimization.


If you haven’t gotten a panic attack just yet from those classified as SEO gurus, then you can relax. The truth is that the cornerstone of web site design is the use of what is known as a keyword.

Scattered throughout your web site are certain words, such as SEO tips, that supposedly attract the attention of search engine robots. Searching your startup site, they look for words designated as key words in your site’s coding.

Placing them strategically in an article or web site theoretically assures that your web site/blog gets top placement on a page when surfers search for those key words. So say the gods of SEO. Digital Marketing Company Charlotte is an example of a professional optimization company.

Link Building

The science of link building, or getting others to link back to your site from their site, undergoes careful monitoring by search engine giants such as Google or Bing. Some examples of link overuse violations include paid ads, overuse of hyperlinks and other means.

That being said, an unobtrusive approach would be having people leave guest posts on your site or to create a network of other bloggers or web site owners who would make mention of you to their visitors.


Making sure your site has interesting content in the ways of informative, quality articles using proper grammar and spelling, video presentations and engaging interactive content, is a sure way to almost guarantee return traffic to your site. Moreover, if your site has a well-designed, quick navigational “in and out” system, all the better.

So there you have our top three tips on SEO techniques for driving traffic to your site. More tips are found below, so please strategize, implement and enjoy the rewards!

SEO Tips:
– Creating the keywords yourself, you’ll not have to pay a consultant do it for you.
– Scatter your keywords strategically by placing one or two keywords in the first paragraph of the article or blog; one or two more keywords towards the center of the article; and one in the last paragraph just as we have in this article.
Hint: Can you see where our selected keyword phrase was placed in this article?

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