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A Penny Saved is a Lead Well Earned

Online marketingAs a business owner, you’re constantly looking for ways to save money, cut costs and grow your business. Groupon Pages has come up with a way to help you search a database of thousands of businesses for the items you need to do just that. Groupon Pages is a new feature designed to combine the best and most useful aspects of internet marketing today. With each search result, you’ll have information such as hours of operation, range of services, and best of all, links to money saving coupons good for percentages off your purchase, free shipping, and deals of the day.

If you’re getting ready for the big trade show, why not use Pages to search for vendors who can save you time and money and with verifiable results through the testimonials of real customers. You’ll find graphic designers, printers, and restaurants by the thousands on Groupon Pages, and all of them want to help you succeed by offering discounts on the goods and services they provide.

You hear pitches from companies all the time who promise their lead generation tactics will get you guaranteed results.   Unfortunately, you spend your precious marketing dollars, and the results are too often the same. Flat. You want to lower your marketing costs, but find these apps and add-ons get you no closer to your prospect goals than you were with good old fashioned word of mouth. With Groupon Pages, you get tons of information on the businesses you search including reviews by customers who’ve done business with the company before. And they can be brutally honest.

Using Groupon Pages makes good business sense and is easy to use. Let’s say you want a new logo for your product launch and need a graphic designer. Here’s what you’d do:

Step 1: Type in

Step 2: Add the type of business or service you’re searching for

Step 3: Add the name of the city. Example: graphic artist richmond

Make your selection from the list that comes up based on your needs and you’re good to go. And, look into how you can get on the list. It’s a great way to market yourself.


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